1. Super speciality OPD
  2. In Paitient Department
  3. 7 World class moduler Operation Theatre
  4. Individual and corporate Health Check-up.
  5. Emergency & Causality with Triage Facility
    • Casualty and emergency services in rainbow hospital provide immediate therapeutic and dignostic care on emergency basis round the clock. 
  6. 24 Hours Radiology Department:
    • CT SCAN (32 Slices/sec)
    • ECG (Electrocardiogram)
    • EMG (Electromyography)
    • Echocardiography
    • Mammography
    • 4D Ultrasound/Colour Doppler
    • Digital X-ray
    • Dental OPG
    • TMT
    • Sleep Study
  7. Nursing on Call  (Home Nursing)
  8. Cafeteria 
  9. 24 Hours ATM Facilities 
    • ATM Service is available at the ground floor of the hospital. The ATM service is provided by Canara Bank.
  10. 24 Hours In House Medical Store 
    • Our pharmacy is staffed only by registered pharmacist.
  11. Types of Room/Bed Categories
    • General Ward
    • Semi-Private Room
    • Private Room
    • Deluxe Room
    • Super Delux Room
    • Suit Room
  • Obsteric Care and Delivery
  • Obsteric Care and Delivery
  • Painless Delivery
  • Laparoscopic Surgery & Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Centre for Laparoscopic Treatment of Tubal Block & Fibroids, Hysterectomy, Menstrual Disorders Ectopic Pregnancy and Ovarian Cyst.
  • Comprhensive Infertility Treatment Including IVF Centre, Spermbank, Lazer Assisted Hacthing & PreImplantation Genetic Diagnosis.
  • 3D Laparoscopic Surgery & Minimally Invasive Surgery

Other Facilities

  • Cardiology
  • Paediatric/Neonatal Care & Surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • General Surgery
  • Auditorium

Operating Theatres

Our Center has 4 operating rooms with state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities and well trained staff to ensure that surgery procedures are carried out efficiently. The major and obstetrical theatres are open 24 hours a day and emergencies take priority over planned surgeries. The theatre staffs are provided with s special attire and high standard of hygiene is maintained. The major surgeries carried at hospital comprise general surgery, gynecological, all types of key hole (laparoscopic) surgery. Minor surgical procedures include minor gynecological, orthopedic surgeries, esophagoscopy, gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

Doctor’s Offices

Patients are served across multiple rooms dedicated to various specialties. Doctors are available for consultation and surgical procedures.

Pre-Op And Post-Op Care

Pre-op and post-op beds/rooms are equipped with gas lines, monitoring equipment and defibrillators. The rooms have ultra-modern facilities.

Hospital Critical Care

Ward comprise of ICU the high dependency unit (7 beds)which takes care of both surgical and medical patients who are critically sick. ICU unit of hospital can handle the most serious of the emergency cases. It is equipped with ventilator, defibrillators, respirator, nebulizers, five –in-one monitoring devices and emergency medications. The special care unit is manned by capable staff.

NICU (11 trolleys) – Facilities of exchange transfusion, phototherapies are available. Low-birth weight babies, Intra-Uterine growth retarded babies, Birth asphyxia babies, Congenital Duodenal Atresia, Congenital diaphragmatic Hernia, Congenital Imperforated Anus etc. babies are treated here. General pediatric facilities are available. Beside the NICU is the Breastfeeding Area is comfortable and is equipped with appliances necessary

Insurance Tie Ups

Presently, our hospital already tie up with various TPA’s and Insurance companies.